If you would like to show your support to this festival, you can Volunteer or contribute financially.

Mushtari Festival relies on the community’s growing support to put together an event that showcases a bouquet of Indian classical music and dance in a unique format for all to enjoy.  We have been amazed at the energy, generosity and thoughtfulness that Vancouver’s community has shown towards this vision. There are several ways you can show your support.

On the day of the festival, so much is only possible because of our dear volunteers. All volunteers should be available for the afternoon and evening of the festival. Meet other musicians, volunteers, and see the ins and outs of what happens on the day of the event.

The Mushtari Begum Festival accepts donations (both cash and in-kind) from individuals, corporates and foundations. Please click the donate button to get in touch with us to discuss how you can contribute to this vision.  Another way to support this festival is by becoming a sponsor for which you will receive VIP tickets and promotional benefits.

The Mushtari Begum Festival invites you to become a Sponsor. There are many sponsorship tiers to choose from, each having its own perks. We are thankful to be supported by a generous group of founding patrons, and we rely on the growing support of the community – people like you – to put together a festival that showcases the beauty and tranquility of Indian classical music and dance. Until a seed is watered, one may not be able to enjoy the fragrance of the flower it produces.